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Redband Reel Cover

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A neoprene reel cover to protect your centerpin when driving, relocating spots, or storage.

Fishing Styles

Pair with a spinning or centerpin rod for the ultimate steelhead/salmon float reel.

Unlike the rest, this centerpin's light start-up and adjustable casting brakes make for an exceptional drift fishing reel, bass reel, or any other use on a bait-caster rod.


Diameter: 4.5 in / 114.3 mm

Spool Width: 0.7 in / 17.78 mm

Weight: 7.48 oz / 215 grams

Line Capacity: 130 m / 142 yds - .35mm line

Construction: Aviation Alloy D16T & high-strength steel

Finish: Anodized 

Rotation: 2 Stainless, Russian, marine grade bearings

Brake: Aerodynamic, Friction

Assembly: Machined and hand assembled in Russia

5 Year Warranty

Redband offers a limited 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects. This does not cover normal wear and use, or improper assembly. For warranty inquires please use the contact form.

Free Shipping

Your package will arrive within 3-5 business days.

Patented Innovation

Below is the technology allowing this centerpin reel to lead the industry in cast-ability and drag.

  • Redband Coil™ Aerodynamic brake

    An adjustable wind turbine slows the spool down when at high speeds, preventing backlash and maximizing casting distance.

  • Axial Break

     Adjustable friction on the spool, used to dial in casting and control float speed on the river.

  • Fully Ported Spool

    This reel has the lowest start up (effort to spin) in the industry. Cast anywhere from multiple ounces to 2-5 grams.

  • Brake Pad

    A flexible spool allows a second contact point (highlighted) to create an effortless drag experience, while doubling fish stopping power.

  • Anti-Reverse Clicker

    A switch near the thumb activates a strong anti-reverse clicker for drag or storage purposes.

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Our team has spent years testing and innovating this reel across the Pacific North West.